Steps to Success

Ready to roll up your sleeves and start fundraising? Cadbury Fundraiser helps at every step of the way.

Follow these six simple steps for fundraising and celebrate success in no time.

Plan ahead

How many boxes of chocolates are needed to reach your target? Who’s collecting the money? What about advertising? A little pre-planning ensures a much smoother, stress-free and ultimately successful fundraising campaign.

Use the tools below to get started. Your local Cadbury Fundraiser consultant can answer any questions on 1800 809 444.

  • Use the calculator to work out how many boxes to sell
  • Use the checklist to keep your fundraising campaign on track

Looking for more fundraising ideas to help boost your Cadbury Fundraiser drive? Discover other fun and successful ways to raise money.

Place your order

Now for the fun part! Choose products from the delicious Cadbury Fundraiser range, such as Freddo, Caramello Koala and Cadbury Dairy Milk. You can mix and match products – it's a good idea to keep things simple for whoever is reconciling the funds by combining products of the same value.

Ordering is easy. It's all done online – simply set up an account for a 28 day account (minimum order and T&Cs apply). For help at any point, contact your local consultant on 1800 809 444 and they can talk you through the process.

Orders generally arrive within 2-3 days, depending on delivery address. Consider where to store the boxes before sellers collect them – it needs to be somewhere cool.

Order now

Gather the troops

Fundraising is a team effort. Find out how many potential sellers are available to help, plan how to communicate with them, and let them know their carry boxes are coming soon. Keeping in mind the responsible fundraising guidelines, adults should organise fundraising activities and be recruited to do all the selling.

Start selling

Give sellers some extra support by including the following tips in a short Selling Tips flyer to accompany each box:

  • Always adhere to the responsible fundraising guidelines, and ensure adults are in charge of selling
  • Wear your uniform or club colours to help identify your cause
  • If selling in the workplace:
    • Make a sign that clearly states what you’re fundraising for
    • Put the box somewhere busy – like the lunch room or reception
    • Clear the money container and re-stock regularly
  • If selling door to door:
    • Always be cheerful and polite
    • Remember to tell them who you’re raising money for and why
    • Show them the delicious Cadbury selection
    • Tell them the price

Collecting the funds

Now the most important bit – ensuring all the funds are collected! It can help to give sellers an incentive to get their money back by a certain date. Your local Cadbury Fundraiser consultant may have some great ideas.

Remember, you’ve got 28 days to sell all the Cadbury Fundraiser carry boxes and return your payment.

Celebrate success

Don't forget to celebrate your success and thank your sellers! Consider rewarding your best sellers, posting stories on Facebook, and sharing your success with your local Cadbury Fundraiser consultant. Your story could end up on our testimonials page!