General FAQs

Get your questions answered here, or call a fundraising expert 1800 809 444.

Ordering and returns

Who can I speak to about my order?

To help plan your fundraising drive, your local Cadbury Fundraising consultant is available on 1800 809 444 to share their 25+ years of experience. They can help work out how many carry boxes you need (you can raise up to $30 per carry box, based on recommended retail price), provide advice on organising your fundraising drive, and more

Do I have to order a minimum of 12 boxes?

The minimum order is 12 boxes. Speak with your local consultant if you want to order less than 12 boxes – they may be able to help. Keep in mind that orders of less than 12 boxes need to be collected from a distribution centre.

With the minimum order of 12 boxes, do they all need to be the same product?

No, you can mix it up! Want six Freddo & Caramello Koala boxes, and six Goody boxes? As long as the total order is at least 12 boxes, you're fine. For ease of money handling, consider purchasing products of the same price point - for instance all $1, or all $2 products.

What happens when I place my order?

Your order starts being processed as soon as we receive it! After ordering, you will receive an email to confirm "Order Created" and your local Cadbury Fundraising consultant will call within one working day to confirm your order. All Account orders are confirmed over the phone before they are processed. You will then receive a confirmation by email. If there are any problems with your order (like stock availability, or specific delivery or pick up requests), your local Cadbury Fundraising consultant will be in touch to work things out.

Can I return any unsold carry boxes?

Cadbury Fundraising can't take back any unsold or excess products. Before placing your order, our consultants can help estimate how many carry boxes you're likely to sell.

General questions

Is Cadbury Fundraising chocolate Fairtrade?

Both our Cadbury Fundraiser 68g Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate blocks box and our giant 10kg Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate blocks are Fairtrade. Fairtrade certification helps improve the lives of cocoa farmers in developing countries by securing a sustainable source of cocoa. Learn more about Fairtrad.

Still have questions?

If your question isn't answered here, please contact your local Cadbury Fundraising consultant on 1800 809 444. We're always happy to help.