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Community Grants - FAQs

To give yourself the best chance of success when applying for a Cadbury Fundraiser Community Grant, read through these FAQs first.

Who can apply for a grant?

To be eligible, the applicant must be a customer of Cadbury Fundraising and must have placed an order between 19 November 2018 and 26 April 2019.

Only bona-fide organisations can apply for a grant.

Cadbury Fundraising welcomes applications from parent or teacher groups, school community groups and fundraising committees on behalf of schools, students and student groups. Please note however that schools are ineligible to apply.

Why can’t schools enter?

Cadbury Fundraising welcomes applications from parent or teacher groups, school community groups and fundraising committees on behalf of schools, students and student groups. However, schools are ineligible to apply. At Cadbury, we believe in marketing responsibly and as such we are signatories to the Australian Food & Grocery Council's Responsible Marketing to Children Initiative. As part of this commitment, our company will not market any of its products to children in or around schools.

Can I apply for multiple grants?

Yes, you can. Every time you purchase 12 or more carry boxes in a single transaction, you can submit another application. So, during the grant period, if you submit four separate orders for 12+ carry boxes, you can apply for a grant four times.

Can I submit a paper application?

No. The only way to apply for a grant is online. Click here to be taken to the online application form.

How can I update my contact details?

If you have already started or submitted a grant application, you can update your contact details by logging in and choosing "Update my details". For any technical questions you can contact Willett Marketing on (03) 9536 2530.

How do I apply for a grant?

To apply for a Cadbury Fundraising community grant, please complete our online application form. Before you start your application, make sure you have your customer number handy. If you're not sure of yours, contact your local consultant on 1800 809 444. In your application, you'll need to tell us about your project, including how it will benefit the community and the grant amount you are requesting. Once you've started your application, you can save it, exit and then come back later to complete it.

How do I know if my application has been successfully submitted?

Cadbury Fundraising will send you an email confirming your submission, along with a PDF of your application. Each application is also given a unique SmartyGrants identification number.

What are grants available for?

You can apply for a grant under one of two categories:

Live well – supporting projects that encourage participation in sports, recreation or general community collaboration. You might need funding to transport your sports team to a regional event, or perhaps you need help getting art supplies for an aged care group.

Learn well – supporting projects that provide opportunities for learning and development. For example, you might be raising money for new books in a primary school or a theatre production by young adults with a disability.

How will applications be assessed?

The judges will review your application with two criteria in mind:

  • Does it match the grant category? There are two grant categories, 'live well' and 'learn well'. Your proposal should demonstrate relevance to one of these two categories.
  • Does it show measurable change? You'll need demonstrate how your project will deliver tangible results that generate a measurable impact for your target audience.

We're sorry, but we can't provide feedback on applications. For all the details about judging, please review the Application Conditions

How will I know if my application has been approved for a grant?

If your application is successful, Cadbury Fundraising will be in touch on or shortly after the notification date below. We'll send you a letter that includes details about next steps, including an agreement to be signed by you / your organisation and payment arrangements. Please note that we only contact the successful applicants.

When do I need to get my application in by?

You must get your application in by 5pm AEST, April 26, 2019.

Entries Open 4/2/19
Entries Close 26/4/19
Judging round 1 29/4/19 -3/5/19
Judging round 2 (Review) 6/5/19 -10/5/ 19
Final Judging 13/5/19 - 24/5/19
Notification 30/5/19

Why does Cadbury Fundraising run this grants program?

For many years, Cadbury Fundraising has helped communities across Australia raise millions of dollars for their fundraising activities. We created the Community Grants Program to provide further support to organisations and groups who share Cadbury Fundraising's vision of making positive and lasting differences to the community. It's our way of giving back.

When will successful applicants receive their grant money?

You should receive your grant money approximately six weeks after the successful applications have been announced.

How can I get further information?

It depends what sort of information you're after.