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Community Grants - Ts & Cs

Before you start your Community Grant application, please read these terms and conditions. If you have questions about any of the items below, call your local Cadbury Fundraising consultant on 1800 809 444..

Section A - Key Terms

1. Key terms:

In these Application Conditions:

  • Cadbury Fundraising means Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 78 004 551 473) of 75 Dorcas St, South Melbourne, Vic, 3205.
  • Grant means a Cadbury Fundraising Community Grant;
  • Grant Period means as set out in Section C (Judging);
  • Program means the Cadbury Fundraising Community Grant Program; and
  • Website means the website available at

2. How these conditions apply:

These Application Conditions apply to applications for Grants and how applications are assessed. By submitting an application, the Applicant agrees to be bound by these Application Conditions.

Section B - Applications

1. Who is eligible?

To be eligible, the applicant must be a bona-fide group or organisation registered as a customer of Cadbury Fundraising and must have placed a minimum order of 12 carry boxes in a single transaction between 19 November 2018 and 26 April 2019 (Applicants).

Note: Schools, students and student groups are not permitted to apply, but Cadbury Fundraising welcomes applications from parent or teacher groups, school community groups and parent fundraising committees.

Any successful Applicants must have paid for their order before their Grant will be paid.

2. When must the application be received?

The Grant application must be submitted by the Applicant within the grant period which is 4 February 2019 to 26 April 2019.

3. How many times can I enter?

Applicants will be entitled to apply for a Grant each time an Eligible Purchase is made during the Grant Period.

4. How to apply:

To apply for a Grant, Applicants must make an Eligible Purchase and submit an application during the Grant Period. The application must comply with the following requirements:

a) Fully complete the and address all criteria; and b) Supply all required compliance information required in the application form.

5. What details should the application include?

Applications must set out a proposed project, activity or initiative (Proposal) to be conducted if the Applicant is given a Grant in relation to one of the following categories (each a Grant Category):

  • Live Well – promoting increased opportunities for community collaboration and for participation in sports and recreation
  • Learn Well – promoting increased opportunities for learning and development

6. How will applications be assessed?

Applications must address each of the following criteria and will be assessed in accordance with the allocated weightings ( the Weighted Criteria):

Grant Category (50% weighting) – relevance of the Proposal to Grant Category

Measurable Change (50% weighting) – demonstrating tangible results and impact of the Proposal

7. Is more information required?

If Cadbury Fundraising requests additional information on the application, the information must be submitted for it to be accepted or considered. If the Applicant fails to submit information as requested, Cadbury Fundraising may not consider the application further.

8. Will application expenses be reimbursed?

Applications are at the Applicant’s expense. Cadbury Fundraising is not liable for any application costs or expenses.

9. Are joint applications allowed?

Applicants can submit joint applications for a Grant but must specify the relationship between the Applicants. Cadbury Fundraising will provide one Grant only to joint Applicants (if successful).

10. Application content:

Applicants must submit only their original work. Cadbury Fundraising may verify or require the Applicant to verify the originality of the application. Applications will not be considered for a Grant if they contain any content that breaches any person’s copyright, contravenes any law, infringes the rights of any person or is obscene, offensive, potentially defamatory, discriminatory, indecent or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate. By submitting an application, the Applicant agrees to assign all rights in the application to Cadbury Fundraising and the Applicant consents to Cadbury Fundraising using the application content in any manner it wishes (including modifying, adapting or publishing the application, whether in original or modified form, in whole or in part or not at all).

Section C - Judging

1. Grant Period:

Applications will be accepted from 4 February 2019 and will continue to be accepted until 26 April
2019. For the Grant Period there are three rounds of judging, with the process for each set out
below under point 2 ‘Judging Rounds’.

Entries Open 4/2/19
Entries Close 26/4/19
Judging round 1 29/4/19 -3/5/19
Judging round 2 (Review) 6/5/19 -10/5/ 19
Final Judging 13/5/19 - 24/5/19
Notification 30/5/19

2. Judging Rounds:

Round 1:

At the end of each Grant Period, all applications will be grouped by sales territory – there are 11 sales territories in Australia. All applications will then be assessed against the Weighted Criteria (see Section B) by a representative of Willett Marketing. The top 10%–15% scores from each territory for each Grant Category will then be shortlisted.

Round 2 (Review):

The shortlist will be sent to Cadbury Fundraising Consultants in the relevant sales territory for their review. Consultants will review the list of applications and advise if any applicants should be removed from the shortlist – for example, for failing to place an order within the required timeframe.

Once the Cadbury Fundraising Consultants return their shortlist, Willett Marketing will forward the shortlist of applicants to Mondelez Australia.

Final Judging:

The shortlist for each territory will be reviewed by a representative of Mondelez Australia for final judging based on the assessment undertaken in Round 1 and the representative’s discretion. The total grant pool of $15,000 per Grant Period will be split between the 11 sales territories, the intention of which is to ensure that at least one grant is awarded to a customer in each Cadbury Fundraising sales territory in Australia. The highest ranked applicant in each territory will be awarded a grant.

Decisions are final. Cadbury Fundraising has absolute discretion in judging applications and selecting Grant recipients. Any decision made by Cadbury Fundraising or the judging panel will be final. No correspondence will be entered into. Applicants may not challenge any decision by Cadbury Fundraising or the judging panel.

3. Judging Panel:

The judges will ensure that they do not permit an actual or potential conflict of interest to affect their judging duties.

Section D - Grants

1. Grant winners notified:

Cadbury Fundraising will notify the successful Applicant in writing no later than the dates under the ‘Notification’ column of the table in section C above.

2. Grant Agreements:

Grant winners will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of an agreement with Cadbury Fundraising for the provision of a Grant (Grant Agreement). Cadbury Fundraising will not provide a Grant until the successful Applicant signs the Grant Agreement. Cadbury Fundraising may in its discretion withhold, refuse to pay or seek recovery of any Grant or part of a Grant in the event that the Applicant breaches a term of the Grant Agreement. Recipients must return Grant Agreements within a stated time period or forfeit grant. Grants will be paid approximately 6 weeks after the successful applicants have been informed.

3. Telling your story:

Cadbury Fundraising will ask Grant winners to supply further information to help Cadbury Fundraising tell the winner’s story.

Section E - General

1. Declaration:

By submitting an application, the Applicant represents to Cadbury Fundraising that it has observed all relevant statutory and other regulatory authority requirements in the formulation of its Application and that the proposed project, activity or initiative complies with all relevant statutory and other regulatory authority requirements.

2. Conditions binding:

These Application Conditions are contractually binding on the Applicant and are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.

3. Facts and information:

Cadbury Fundraising will provide information via brochures, our website, via our sales consultants and when otherwise reasonably requested for further information on the application and assessment processes.

4. Doing your homework:

Applicants need to investigate and understand the applications and assessment processes.

5. Changes to Conditions:

Cadbury Fundraising may change any of these Application Conditions by notice to customers on the website.

6. Our information and documents:

All information in relation to the Grants provided by Cadbury Fundraising is provided in good faith solely to assist the Applicant to submit an eligible application. Applicants must not use the information for any other purpose. All documents and copyright in all documents provided by Cadbury Fundraising to the Applicant belong to and remain the property of Cadbury Fundraising at all times.

7. No secret commissions, collusion etc:

he Applicant represents to Cadbury Fundraising that it has not accepted or provided secret commissions, not colluded with anyone (except as expressly set out in any joint application), nor sought to influence any decision improperly.

8. Insurance:

Successful Applicants may be required to take out insurance at the direction of Cadbury Fundraising for the activities or projects for which the Grant is provided.

9. Legal proceedings:

Applicants must provide details of any legal proceedings to which it is currently a party, has in the past 3 years been a party, or which it reasonably expects to be a party in the next 3 years.

10. Public announcements:

Applicants must not make any public announcement in relation to the Program without first gaining Cadbury Fundraising's written consent.