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Sports Club Fundraising

Many Sports Clubs use Cadbury Fundraiser to raise funds

Among our customers are a range of Summer and Winter Sports Clubs, including Football, Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket and Lacrosse Clubs. We also have Ice Skating, Ice Hockey, Skiing and Snowboarding Clubs. Many Sports Club Fundraising ideas and strategies involve Cadbury Fundraiser and our consultants are happy to help you make Cadbury Fundraiser a successful part of your annual fundraising drive. Give your local consultant a call on 1800 809 444 and they’ll provide you with order information, tips, advice, sports fundraising ideas.

Some clubs use Cadbury Fundraiser to raise funds for a special Sports Club event, such as an overseas tour or trip.

Sports fundraisers can be challenging, but Cadbury Fundraiser makes it easy!

Murrumbeena Bowls Club

"Since 2003, the Murrumbeena Bowls Club has raised over $41,000 through Cadbury Fundraiser.
Each drive is a team effort and the money we raise through Cadbury Fundraiser is a tremendous benefit to the general running of our volunteer club."

Michael, Murrumbeena Bowls Club

Colac Ladies Badminton Club

"We started Cadbury fundraising four years ago and have not stopped.
The money raised through the year helps us get those little items we need for our club. eg Laptop, printer, PA system and many more items.
We keep our fees down because of fundraising efforts from everyone in the club. So thank you Cadbury Fundraising."

Jo, Colac Ladies Badminton Club

Somali United Soccer Club

Somali United Soccer Club has been started by young men of Somali background in the Adelaide community.

"We are really grateful to Cadbury Fundraiser because as we were able to sell chocolates we have now purchased uniforms, paid our fees and become a real soccer team".


Junior Football

"The money raised through Cadbury Fundraiser helped us buy giveaways for our end-of-season presentation day. We'll also use the funds to buy new sports equipment for the club."

Michael, Altona Meadows

Why Sports Clubs love Cadbury Fundraiser

We asked our community what they liked best about Cadbury Fundraiser. We received many stories from members about their fundraising experiences. Some are inspirational, some are funny and some just touch our hearts. Here is one story we’d like to share with you.

From Abby, why she fundraises:

"The Kerang Football Club held a fundraiser to raise money for a boy in our community with cancer. Every year we hold a club 'family day' but this year we gave back to the community. A ll the money that was raised went towards the family in need. It was a great day to get together and support the cause against cancer."